Adapt the TMS system to your specific needs with our components.

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  • Application Software

    Application software

    Upgrade your system with a full patient database and reporting tool

    To get the best out of the system. We recommend this software if you use TMS on a daily basis.


    • Full control of your stimulator
    • Secure management and storage of:
      • Patient data
      • Protocol information
      • Treatment reports
    • Easily set up of new protocols with stimulation target
    • Build-in MEP function (MEP hardware needed)
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  • Cooling unit

    Cooling unit

    Intelligent liquid-cooling circulation system

    Designed for high-performing protocols and endurance use of the TMS machine.
    Mandatory for all our liquid-cooled coils.

    Available for use with following coils:

    • Round Coil, liquid-cooled
    • Double Coil, liquid-cooled
    • Angulated  Double  Coil,  liquid-cooled
    • Double-Cone Coil, liquid-cooled
    • Single-Cone Coil, liquid-cooled
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  • Stimulator

    Stimulation unit

    Advanced all-in-one solution

    Our stimulation units are made to stimulate without the essential need for an external laptop or additional software. This results in a very economic solution!

    Models available:

    • Model M-10: 0 – 10Hz rTMS
    • Model M-30: 0 – 30Hz rTMS
    • Model M-50: 0 – 50Hz rTMS & Theta-Bursts
    • Model M-100: 0 – 100Hz rTMS & Theta-Bursts
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  • Wireless MEP-option

    Wireless MEP-option

    Quick and exact determination of Motor-Evoked-Potentials

    Very easy-to-use wireless MEP module for determining the patient´s individual motor threshold.


    • Wireless transmission, easy operation and high SNR (signal-noise ratio)
    • Dual-channel MEP recording
    • High sampling rates to capture results precisely
    • With advanced waveform processing
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