Stimulation unit

Advanced all-in-one solution

Our stimulation units are made to stimulate without the essential need for an external laptop or additional software. This results in a very economic solution!

Models available:

  • Model M-10: 0 – 10Hz rTMS
  • Model M-30: 0 – 30Hz rTMS
  • Model M-50: 0 – 50Hz rTMS & Theta-Bursts
  • Model M-100: 0 – 100Hz rTMS & Theta-Bursts

Total price:

Price on request

As standard, our systems are ready for shipment after 2-4 weeks. Ask us for the current delivery times for your desired system.

A skilled delivery team will bring your device into your office or hospital. They install the system according to the manufacturer´s specifications.

Certified trainers conduct the training on-site in coordination with your team. They train your team in the technical operation of the device as well as in its use, such as contraindications or possible side effects.

Our experienced team of TMS experts is of course also available to you during the operation of the device with advice and assistance. As our customer, you have exclusive access to our hotline for quick and uncomplicated help with questions.



Adapt your TMS device to your needs

Thanks to our modular system concept, the basic unit can be adapted to individual needs as required.

Stimulation unit highlights:

  • Build-in color display
  • Pre-installed protocols and coil position maps
  • Patient and protocol list to be exported for reporting
  • Easy control of all stimulation parameters
  • Available with Theta-Burst stimulation
  • Can be used with all types of our coils
  • USB interface
  • Trigger in/out interface

M-Series w chair liquid cooling

The TMS systems.

High-performance medical products for non-invasive neuromodulation. For use in doctors’ offices and hospital environments.
Get outstanding features at affordable prices with our rTMS systems.

-> Advanced coil cooling

-> Intuitive operation

-> Integrated Reporting

-> Pre-installed stimulation protocols

-> Powerful stimulation

-> rTMS and Theta Burst stimulation

-> Upgradable device concept

-> Big range of accessories and coils

-> Extended Warranty

Category: therapy systems

The coils.

Big range of coils for many TMS applications

Developed for covering many purposes, our coils are available in different sizes, with diverse geometries and various cooling techniques.

-> Smart display:
— real-time coil temperature
— pulse intensity displayed
-> Multiple cooling methods:
— liquid-cooled
— air-cooled
— non-cooled
-> Different geometries:
— round coils
— double coils
— angulated coils
— cone-shaped coils
-> Intensity selection:
— easy-to-reach wheel on the coil
-> Pulsing:
— simply pressing a button on the coil handle
-> Easy swapping:
— quickly and easily exchangeable by yourself

Category: coils