Start your tms-clinic

At SEBERS Medical, we do more than just selling our revolutionary TMS Machines.
Over a full year we work with your psychiatry practice team to ensure you thrive in the growing field of TMS therapy. 

With SEBERS Medical you’re gaining a partner dedicated to your success in TMS therapy.


We are excited to present a holistic support package that equips providers with all the tools needed for a successful integration of the SEBERS Medical TMS Machines into outpatient psychiatric practices – for the duration of an entire year!
Our comprehensive Start Your TMS-Clinic package is designed to cover all facets of TMS service integration, from technical setup to patient care, ensuring your practice is equipped to deliver this revolutionary treatment with excellence.
Together, the 4-step program offer a seamless transition into the world of TMS therapy, ensuring that providers and their teams are well-prepared and supported throughout the journey.


This training includes our comprehensive Launch Manual guide designed to assist providers in seamlessly integrating TMS therapy into established outpatient psychiatric practice.
It covers all aspects from the moment you purchase the SEBERS Medical TMS Machine to treating your first patient.
This step includes

A detailed roadmap for seamlessly adding TMS services to your practice.

Essential forms for patient consent, treatment plans, and more, designed for ease of use.

Comprehensive guidelines to ensure compliance with healthcare regulations.

Materials on TMS therapy protocols, new research, and data to keep your team well-informed.

Strategies and materials to effectively market your new TMS service to patients and the community.

Tools to educate your patients about the benefits and processes of TMS therapy, along with updates on new protocols and resources.

Training for staff in seizure protocols, patient communications, and support.

Ensuring your team is prepared with life-saving skills.

blossom treatment

Two full days or 16 hours usage training over the first week with operational setup, patient engagement, staff training (incl. seizure training), treatment protocols, and patient care.
This step includes:

Step-by-step instructions for machine installation and configuration.

Resources for TMS Technicians on Blossom TMS Machine usage, patient management, and more, with a tour of resource utilization (included in the 16-hour training).

Materials on TMS therapy protocols, new research, and data to keep your team well-informed.

Regular team meetings to provide continuous implementation support.

Expert advice on growing your TMS service and increasing treatment capacity.

Strategies on tracking patient treatment journeys, including aftercare and long-term outcomes.

billing & Coding

We provide extensive guidance on billing and coding practices (for US customers), creating structured fee schedules for cash pay protocols, and streamlining the prior authorization process.
This step includes:

Expertise in TMS-specific billing, coding, and insurance claims to optimize your reimbursement process.

Expert support in navigating the credentialing process for TMS services.

Assistance in establishing efficient payment systems for your TMS services.

recurrent support and resources

Continuous support for the duration of one year. This step includes:

This personalized support program focuses on practice management, offering valuable insights and guidance to maximize operational efficiency.

Access to a wealth of additional resources for an entire year, including the latest research and data in the field of TMS therapy.


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