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Affordable rTMS systems for non-invasive brain stimulation with Sebers Medical.


The Blossom TMS™ Therapy System. 

High-performance medical products for non-invasive neuromodulation. For use in doctors’ offices and hospital environments.
Get outstanding features at affordable prices with our rTMS systems.

-> FDA clearance for treatment of MDD*

-> Worry-free coil cooling

-> No pay-per-use or costly disposables

-> Patent-pending HeadNest™ Head Positioning System

-> Confidence-inspiring design

-> Relaxing air massage chair

-> Ergonomic user design

-> Quick treatment preparation

TMS treatment.

TMS is a non-invasive, drug-free treatment for major depression using magnetic pulses targeted at a specific location on the brain.

During the therapy session, the patient sits comfortably in a chair. An electromagnetic coil is placed against the patient’s head during the session. The coil stimulates the underlying brain area by generating a temporary magnetic field.

This form of therapy is well tolerated and does not cause systemic side effects. It can be performed on an outpatient basis and does not require anesthesia.


-> FDA-cleared treatment*

-> Non-invasive

-> Drug-free

-> 18 min to 37 min per treatment session

-> No systemic side effects

-> Outpatient procedure

-> Daily activities possible after treatment

We take care of every step in the life of your rTMS device.

Purchase & Financing

Request a quote and information about financing options in your country.

Delivery & Installation

We deliver your device on the chosen date and take care of the installation at your place.

Training & Support

Certified trainers conduct the on-site training and provide support during the use of the device.

Maintenance & Safety Checks

Regular inspections and safety checks maintain the value and proper functioning of your device.

Training needed?

[NEW] Online Clinical TMS Certification Course

4 – 6 March 2024: Online 3 FULL-DAY intensive course for Health Care Professionals, Clinicians, and Researchers
From Maastricht University

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Amsterdam Clinical TMS Certification Course

5 June- 7 June 2024: 3 FULL-DAY intensive course for health Care Professional, Clinicians, and Researchers
From Maastricht University

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