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Launching “Start-Your-TMS-Clinic” Program; SEBERS Medical’s Comprehensive Support Package for Thriving in TMS Therapy

SEBERS Medical is proud to introduce its “Start-Your-TMS-Clinic” program, a comprehensive service package designed to empower psychiatry practices in integrating Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy seamlessly. This innovative package includes four key steps, each designed to assist providers in all aspect of establishing and operating a successful TMS clinic.

Onboarding Training: This foundational step includes a Launch Manual guide that walks providers through the entire process of integrating TMS therapy into their practice. From technical setup to compliance guidelines and patient education resources, this training equips teams for a smooth transition into the world of TMS therapy.

Blossom Treatment Program: The package offers extensive training over two full days or 16 hours, covering operational setup, patient engagement, staff training (including seizure protocols), treatment protocols, and ongoing patient care. SEBERS Medical ensures that practices are fully equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to deliver high-quality TMS treatment.

Billing, Coding and Pre-Authorization: SEBERS Medical provides expert guidance on billing and coding practices, including assistance in creating structured fee schedules and the prior authorization process. This step aims to optimize reimbursement processes and financial workflows for TMS services.

Marketing, Support and Resources: SEBERS Medical develop and implement marketing strategies and provides ongoing support, including weekly team meetings for personal practice management during the first three months. In addition, clients receive access to their resource portal, which contains the latest research and data on TMS therapy.

By partnering with SEBERS Medical through “Start-Your-TMS-Clinic,” providers not only gain access to cutting-edge TMS technology but also benefit from a dedicated partner committed to their success in TMS therapy. This holistic approach ensures that practices are well-prepared, supported, and empowered to thrive in the growing field of TMS therapy.

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