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Available stimulation units:

  • Model M-10: 0 – 10Hz rTMS
  • Model M-30: 0 – 30Hz rTMS
  • Model M-50: 0 – 50Hz rTMS & Theta-Bursts
  • Model M-100: 0 – 100Hz rTMS & Theta-Bursts

System configuration:

  • stimulation unit
  • cooling unit
  • liquid-cooled coil
  • PC with patient database
  • MR-based neuronavigation
  • coil holder
  • trolley

This basic configuration can be extended by coils and additional components.


The stimulation unit.

Advanced all-in-one stimulation solution.
Made for use the TMS without the essential need for an external laptop or additional software = extremely economic solution

-> Build-in color display
-> Pre-installed protocols and coil position maps
-> Patient and protocol list to be exported for reporting
-> Easy control of all stimulation parameters
-> Available with Theta-Burst stimulation
-> Can be used with all types of our coils
-> USB interface
-> Trigger in/out interface

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Cooler with coil

The cooling unit.

Intelligent liquid-cooling circulation system.
Designed for high-performing protocols and endurance use of the TMS machine.

-> Intelligent monitoring of coolant temperature, circulation state, and liquid volume
-> Large display to have all important parameters in view
-> External circulation concept for easy maintenance
-> To be used for all types of rTMS and TBS protocols
-> Works with all our liquid-cooled coils

Category: components

The coils.

Big range of coils for many TMS applications

Developed for covering many purposes, our coils are available in different sizes, with diverse geometries and various cooling techniques.

-> Smart display:
— real-time coil temperature
— pulse intensity displayed
-> Multiple cooling methods:
— liquid-cooled
— air-cooled
— non-cooled
-> Different geometries:
— round coils
— double coils
— angulated coils
— cone-shaped coils
-> Intensity selection:
— easy-to-reach wheel on the coil
-> Pulsing:
— simply pressing a button on the coil handle
-> Easy swapping:
— quickly and easily exchangeable by yourself

Category: coils

Wireless MEP-option

The accessories.

Adapt your TMS device to your needs

Thanks to our modular system concept, the basic unit can be adapted to individual needs as required.

Selection of accessories:
-> MR-based neuronavigation system
-> Dual-channel wireless MEP module
-> Advanced application software and PC
-> Coil holders
-> Trolleys
-> Chairs
-> Coil positioning tools

Category: components

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